Friday, April 9, 2010

TAG HEUER watches, Monaco V4 up close

TAG HEUER Watches on Ebay

YouTube via HouseOfRam — April 09, 2010 — "The revolutionary Tag Heuer V4 wristwatch. A beautiful watch to hold and is very comfortable to wear. The dynamics and mechanism is unique to this watch. The watch movement has wheels connected by belts made from a space-age plastic.

TAG Heuer created the revolutionary Monaco V4 Concept Watch. Inspired by the brands motor racing heritage (the watchs name comes from the racing-engine-like V-formation of the movements four barrels), the V4 uses ball bearings and is belt-driven a totally new type of watch movement. The Monaco V4 is the first mechanical watch movement to replace traditional pinions with driving belts. The pinions of the traditional mechanical movement have been replaced with a relay of five driving belts whose tension is controlled by turnbuckles.

April, 2010.

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