Wednesday, June 2, 2010

LUDOVIC BALLOUARD, Upside Down watch

YouTube via HouseOfRam — June 02, 2010 — "This watch is the first creation of newly independent master watch maker Ludovic Ballouard. Ludovic worked for high-end watch manufacturer F.P. Journe, where he spent the last seven years honing his skills on some of their most highly complicated models, including the Sonnerie Souveraine.

The model is called 'Upside down' because only the correct hour is the right side up. When the minute hand reaches 12 o'clock, the old hour number instantly turns upside down and the new hour turns right-side-up.

Delivery consisted of 12 limited edition timepieces and as an added novelty the hour equal to the number of the watch, is highlighted. For example, if the piece is number 3 of 12, it will have the 3 in a different color.

May, 2010.

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