Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chinese Tourbillon Watches, What do you think?

YouTube via HouseOfRam — April 13, 2010 — "Yes! For many watch enthusiasts, the most exciting development coming out of China in the 21st century is the tourbillon. This wristwatch is an "Alfred Davis, Aquamarine Explore Oceans". The tourbillon has long been the exclusive preserve of elite Swiss watchmakers, but the new Chinese tourbillons, some even selling in the sub-$1000 range, have made this marvel of micro-engineering accessible as never before.

Chinese producers of tourbillions: Beijing, Liaoning, Shanghai, PTS Resources, Sea-Gull, Dixmont.

Types of Tourbillon:
-Flying Tourbillon
-Carrousel Tourbillon
-Double Tourbilllon
-Dual Axis Tourbillon
-12 Hour Tourbillon
-Orbital Tourbillon

April, 2010.

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