Monday, April 12, 2010

THOMAS PRESCHER mysterious double axis tourbillon.

YouTube via HouseOfRam — April 12, 2010 — "The Thomas Prescher mysterious double axis tourbillon watch. There is a lot to this watch, technically speaking.

There are two crowns on the watch. One is for winding, the other for setting the time and the calendar. At the top of the case are the time functions hours on the left, minutes on the right. In between them is a three dimensional (round) moon, as you see here. Below this, in the middle of the watch is a tourbillon (a flying double axis tourbillon, to be precise). At the bottom of the watch is the interesting calendar.

Now, where is the movement on this watch? With the exception of the tourbillon and the oscillating weight, the entire movement is hidden by the bezel. Most mysterious is the calendar function on this watch.

According to Prescher, the calendar can be read regardless of which side of the watch is up. This is because the calendar is integrated with a horizontal swinging oscillating weight that relies on gravity. Now while I think I understand this concept, I cant quite fully visualize it. But basically this seems to imply that the calendar rotates on a horizontal axis such that it always faces up.

So now you know another reason why Thomas Prescher is described as a horological visionary! I can only imagine how exciting and mesmerizing this watch must be to see in action that centrally mounted tourbillion is surely the first and primary thing that grabs the attention of its wearer.

(Japanese: トーマス・プレシャー・神秘的な自動巻き・ダブル・アクシス・トゥールビヨン)
April, 2010.

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